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8. ledna 2012 v 18:12 | Alexandra Hetmerova

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2 Pia Bruer Pia Bruer | E-mail | 30. května 2015 v 11:48 | Reagovat

Dear Alexandra Hetmerova,

I am writing to you as one the organisers of the Oderkurz Filmspektakel, a short film festival in Germany.

Throughout the year we are looking out for inspiring short films and have come across of your film „ Mythoplis“.
We were impressed by your work and would really like to invite you to send it to us as a contribution to our festival.

As our website is unfortunately currently only available in German we will provide you with a brief insight into the festival in this email.

The OKFS is a small short-film festival held in an old wooden Theatre  close to the Polish border. "Theater am Rand" usually shows plays and concerts. On the second weekend in September, this time from the 11th -13 th, it is transformed into an oasis for short-films for the 5th time running.

Please find attached the entry form with our requirements. If you wish please send us your reply firstly as an email. However if you were to be chosen by the jury we will kindly ask you then to send us your film in high qualitiy.
Closing date is the first of June.
The prize is a tour to selected cinemas in Germany as a feature in their programme.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Pia Bruer

Mail to:


Theater am Rand e.V
Zollbrücke 16 
16259 Oderaue 
0 33 457 - 6 65 21

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