Swimming pool won Audience Award in Monstra animation festival in Lisboa 2011

27. března 2011 v 15:15 | Alexandra Hetmerová
Swimming pool won Audience Award in Monstra animation festival in Lisboa 2011 that is great!!!Swimming pool vyhrál cenu publika na festivalu Monstra v Lisabonu V portugalsku 2011!!!

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Rachel Weaver Rachel Weaver | E-mail | 10. srpna 2011 v 4:18 | Reagovat


My name is Rachel Weaver and I am an animation programmer for the Anchorage International Film Festival. I found your film, "Swimming Pool" online and after reading the synopsis was very impressed and wanted to invite you to submit your film to our festival.

The process to enter a film is very simple and all of your questions can be answered here: http://www.anchoragefilmfestival.org/2011/film/ There is some criteria that must be met to ensure your film is eligible for submission and you can find that information under the Filmmaker FAQ.

If you have anything not answered on the site that you would like to know, please feel free to contact me.

Reduced entry fees are only available though www.withoutabox.com film submission site.

AIFF is a wonderful Film Festival that I have been involved with for quite a few years and enjoy volunteering my time to work with independent filmmakers such as yourself. We hope to see your film in our submissions this year!

Thank you for your time and take care-

Rachel Weaver
Animation Programmer
Anchorage International Film Festival

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