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14. prosince 2010 v 18:03
Swimming pool won with film Homeland Best animation Award on CINEMAIUBIT INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL in Romania 2010

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1 Trick Animation Festival Trick Animation Festival | E-mail | Web | 20. prosince 2010 v 18:49 | Reagovat

Dear Alexandra,

I am contacting you on behalf of Milano Film Festival, a 10 day film festival that takes place every year in September, running its sixteenth edition.
Milano Film Festival is an international Festival that focuses on independent productions and young filmmakers.

The Festival includes a short and feature film competition, many out-of-competition sections and a special retrospective every year.

After the great success of Focus on Animation, one of the biggest and most renowned sections of our festival, we have decided to create a new event specifically dedicated to the world of animation, that will take place in Milan between the18th and the 20th of March 2011.

We would be interested in viewing Swiming Pool and evaluate the film for a screening during the festival.

Could you please send us a DVD screener or a downloadable version of the film?

Our address is
Milano Film Festival
Via Vincenzo Monti 32
20123 Milano

We'd kindly ask you to specify on the package: no commercial value, only for cultural purpose
Kind regards,

Harry Miris Programmer
Trick Animation Festival
tel/fax: +39 02713613

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